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Long time no blog, here we go...

I have been totally slacking for the last few months when it comes to my site, I have been in the process of moving this site over to a Robbie's internet activity portal. I have decided that visiting my site shouldn't make me feel bad that I haven't paid it any attention. I do spend lots of time online and sharing tons of info about me and what I am doing but sitting to write a blog seems to often be just too much for me to do.

Adding a Count to Signup pages on Groups.Drupal.Org

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Testing out the latest version of the Flock Browser

Yeah this post is coming from Flock, telling it that I have a self hosted blog I am not sure that this is actually going to go through but worth testing.  I always loved how integrated all of the individual pieces of web 2.0, social networking were slammed into the browser :)
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