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Long time no blog, here we go...

I have been totally slacking for the last few months when it comes to my site, I have been in the process of moving this site over to a Robbie's internet activity portal. I have decided that visiting my site shouldn't make me feel bad that I haven't paid it any attention. I do spend lots of time online and sharing tons of info about me and what I am doing but sitting to write a blog seems to often be just too much for me to do.

Adding a Count to Signup pages on Groups.Drupal.Org

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Testing out the latest version of the Flock Browser

Yeah this post is coming from Flock, telling it that I have a self hosted blog I am not sure that this is actually going to go through but worth testing.  I always loved how integrated all of the individual pieces of web 2.0, social networking were slammed into the browser :)
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DrupalCon DC - wrap up

The DrupalCon DC Logo n a tshirt

Just a quick blog post since I seemed to have forgotten about my site. I can say for the record that DrupalCon DC was a huge success for me personally and for Drupal as a whole. I had a great time, and tons of good experiences while in DC, the sessions were fantastic, the people that I met we friendly, and knowledgeable, and there was tons of Drupal community based social times.

Sickness sucks

All I can say is that the last week was really bad, I have not been that sick in a very long time. I ran a 101+ degree fever for 3 days, and I am still feeling the effects of it tonight (day 7). All that being said it seems like I am starting to move passed this cold. That is great considering this Saturday is DrupalCamp NYC 6, this time a single day event.

RobbieTheGeek.Com upgraded to D6 (finally)

I am happy to say that I finally got around to migrating my own site from Drupal 5.(cough) to Drupal 6.9 without too much pain. One of the best parts is that I finally stuck my site into subversion also, so it will be more readily updated.

Drupalcon Bound

So excited to say that I will be attending Drupalcon in DC in March!

DrupalCamp NYC 5 in the books

This weekend was the 5th DrupalCamp NYC. It was an great weekend of sessions for new people, through vetrens and every level in between. I tried my best to help out (sometimes heckle) in the Introduction to Drupal session, Introduction to Theming, Intermediate Theming and Introduction to Module Development. This was great cause it allowed me to play tech support also for the participants, and try to keep the sessions moving along.

New job...First update

Just a quick note. Week one down I am still happy with my choice, and I am looking forward to dong and learning more.. Those that don't know that situation is working at Sony BMG in the group that handles the websites of the musicians. The people are awesome (Suzi, Dave, Jared, Andrew & everyone else I have met) and the environment is cool. The work though nothing earth shattering is something new for me, challenging enough to make me feel like I have accomplished something when it is complete.

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