Sickness sucks

All I can say is that the last week was really bad, I have not been that sick in a very long time. I ran a 101+ degree fever for 3 days, and I am still feeling the effects of it tonight (day 7). All that being said it seems like I am starting to move passed this cold. That is great considering this Saturday is DrupalCamp NYC 6, this time a single day event. These camps are fun they are based on the Unconference also known as a BarCamp. At these camps there is always a great mix of people new to Drupal and those who have varied experience, and there is also a lot of socializing, and one-on-one assistance for those with problems. I can't wait usually I am a person that tends to be a loud voice to help the sessions along, and act as a resource for those when I can.Hot on the heels of DrupalCamp NYC6 is DrupalCon, this is super exciting for me as it will be my first DrupalCon. Can't wait to go, I just got my Sony related Drupal goodness last week, keep an eye out for us in DC to see Roger's cool design.OK enough for now, will write more these next 2 weeks with all that is going on.


LOL! When I read 101+ degree fever all I could think is that even your temperature is in binary! See ya soon at work.

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