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Sickness sucks

All I can say is that the last week was really bad, I have not been that sick in a very long time. I ran a 101+ degree fever for 3 days, and I am still feeling the effects of it tonight (day 7). All that being said it seems like I am starting to move passed this cold. That is great considering this Saturday is DrupalCamp NYC 6, this time a single day event.

DrupalCamp NYC 5 in the books

This weekend was the 5th DrupalCamp NYC. It was an great weekend of sessions for new people, through vetrens and every level in between. I tried my best to help out (sometimes heckle) in the Introduction to Drupal session, Introduction to Theming, Intermediate Theming and Introduction to Module Development. This was great cause it allowed me to play tech support also for the participants, and try to keep the sessions moving along.

DrupalCampNYC4 - Day 2

I am sitting in session number 2 called Cloud Talk (S3, EC2, ...) that a gentleman named John Williams is currently giving. This is great cause it isn't Drupal-centric it is cloud computing and tech-centric. And it dovetails beautifully with session number 1 Dru-tube (You-tube in Drupal in 50mins) and it was amazingly well done. Arthur from http://www.24b6.net/ is the one that did Dru-tube, all I have to say is keep an eye out for the video that was taken in that session, this session is what DrupalCamp NYC 4 will be compared against. I will add onto this later if I have the time.

DrupalCampNYC4 - Day 1

Sitting down in the Intro to Drupal session that Thomas is leading and there are about 40-50 people eagerly hanging on his every word. I am here hoping to help out I love being part of this community and assisting when I can.

Please grab me if you need a hand I will be here for 2 days :)

Drupal Meetup NYC & other Drupal News

Last Tuesday evening I went over to my first Drupal NYC meetup, at Manhattan Neighborhood Network and it was a good time. It was nice to see folks that I had met at DrupalCamp NYC2 back in January. There was a lot of Google Maps / mapping in general discussed, showed off and explained.

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