Long time no blog, here we go...

I have been totally slacking for the last few months when it comes to my site, I have been in the process of moving this site over to a Robbie's internet activity portal. I have decided that visiting my site shouldn't make me feel bad that I haven't paid it any attention. I do spend lots of time online and sharing tons of info about me and what I am doing but sitting to write a blog seems to often be just too much for me to do.

Sickness sucks

All I can say is that the last week was really bad, I have not been that sick in a very long time. I ran a 101+ degree fever for 3 days, and I am still feeling the effects of it tonight (day 7). All that being said it seems like I am starting to move passed this cold. That is great considering this Saturday is DrupalCamp NYC 6, this time a single day event.

New job...First update

Just a quick note. Week one down I am still happy with my choice, and I am looking forward to dong and learning more.. Those that don't know that situation is working at Sony BMG in the group that handles the websites of the musicians. The people are awesome (Suzi, Dave, Jared, Andrew & everyone else I have met) and the environment is cool. The work though nothing earth shattering is something new for me, challenging enough to make me feel like I have accomplished something when it is complete.

And the big news is...

After almost 12 years working in or around the City of New York (4 years as a provisional civil servant, 4 years as a consultant to City of NY, and 4 years as consultant from Unisys to New York State supporting the City of NY) an era comes to an end this Friday. I have spent years working as an IT jack-of-all-trades for Management Information Services, some of the titles included Senior Network Manager, Citrix Enterprise Engineer and Technical Liason just to name a few.

My Oscar's Experience

...and the Oscars go to...

Last night before the Oscar's started, me and the wife watched Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End, finally. I had put this movie off for a long time since I had such a negatively feeling after the last iteration of this series. I think one of big reasons that this movie is a lot better, and more palletable is the return of Geoffrey Rush. It was definitely not the greatest movie, but this was visually stunning, and the ship scenes are gorgeous.

I am a victim of N.A.D.D.

Hello there folks, I recently was sitting at my desk talking to my manager, and we were going over all the possible things I can do on my commute. I have an iPhone so this means music, podcasts, vodcasts, audiobooks, Twitter, Meebo, all the Google services, and oh yeah the rest of the internet at Edge speeds.

iPhone is amazing...

Today is a little follow-up after my last blog post...I did exchange my 8GB iPhone for the 16GB version, and paid the $40 idiot tax (10% restocking fee) for getting the privilege of using the iPhone for one week. The exchange process was very painless, when it came right down to it. When I went into the Apple store in Garden State Plaza, I asked if they had the 16GB iPhone instock, and after initially getting told it wasn't yet instock then moments later the sales person found me and told me it was.

1 of each class down...

So here it is, as I expected Data Structures is going to be amazing, and thought provoking, and Software Analysis and Design is going to be a sleeper. Last night I had my first Software Analysis and Design class, wow was it something to behold there are a total of 5 students. It was very different from what you might expect it is a "read the slides" kind of class, there is no programming what-so-ever, only lots of UML 2.0 and diagramming object-oriented methods. I hope to get some better perspective on software development life cycles, and how to take a UML diagram and implement it.

School is back in session

Well here we go another semester begins, I finished out last semester with 2 A's and a B- and I am ok with that. The B- was in Computer Science II which I really learned a lot in, but I found that I am just not fast enough to complete everything during the tests, without feeling very pressured. It was a learning experience I got faster as the semester went on, in the end I think I got an A on the final. Ok, ok enough about last semester it is over and I should be over it already, on to the new semester...

This class is a waste

I am sitting in my DBMS class trying not to slam my face into my desk. I am tired, and it close to 20 degrees outside and close to 95 degrees in this room, and I am back listening to a teacher that can't teach. I guess I have had enough of this class, I don't mean to be disrespectful but this guy is awful. I trouped up here to school tonight a 2+ hour commute, and I have a cold for what to him to talk with his back to us, afraid to make eye contact with his students.

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